Express, Create and Expand! Build-a-bot is a collection oF customizable robots on the Solana blockchain.


About Build-A-Bot

The robots came from the creator's childhood memories of the comic books and films he watched and read as a kid.

From the colors to lines, shapes, and textures, the artist has paid attention to every little detail to draw a total of 290 traits to create an NFT collection of 10k randomly generated robots. It has been revised and reiterated over the course of three months to refine the art. The art has been iterated and refined over the course of three months.

Our Mission

Build-a-bot aims to shape a community where people feel welcome to express their creative selves. People can participate in the project’s creative process in many ways through blockchain tools, DAO, and Events.

The first of these tools will allow holders to trade traits and customize their robot NFTs on-chain. You’ll be able to make your robot into whatever you like!



1) Place your robot inside a Robot Separator to divide it into 6 standalone trait NFTs.


2) Trade within the community to collect the traits you want.


3) Insert your final set of traits of 6 into the Robot builder to receive a remodelled robot.


4) Now you can show off your special robot to the world!






Yoo.Sol / Creator

The creator behind this project. Loves to code, draw and create in any forms. Comes from an architectural background, equiped with Illustration skills, 3D modeling and creativity. Loves to stay home and draw up harmless robots.


Cryptomind / Dev

The lead developer of this team. Highly experienced full stack developer who helps bring Yoo.Sol’s crazy ideas to life. In love with crypto and web3 and what it brings. Big fan of sushi!


Yan.Solo / Comms

The community leader of this project. Comes from an engineering and consulting background. Enjoys getting good kai (food) with good company. Also wastes a substantial amount of time waiting for waves on a piece of foam.


Hologram / Marketing

Marketing lead of the project. He is experienced in marketing and has worked for hospitality groups and developers. He is bringing networking, advertising, and branding to this team. Loves to collect jpegs and Gundams on the side.

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What does my BAB get me?

Minting a robot will get you a high resolution (2000 pixel by 2000 pixel) image with access to all our tools, right to vote, DAO funding and all benefits that we will be rolling out in the future!

How will the DAO funds be used?

The DAO funds will be used to incentivise creatives that are selected by the community through voting. Community members can also make suggestions where the funds can be used and will also be voted by the DAO.

How much will go into the community wallet?

50% of the initial sales and 50% of the royalties will go into the community wallet.

Where can I read more about the project?

You can read our whitepaper part 1. Part 2 and 3 will be released.

Where can I read more about the customization feature?

The technical explanation of the feature will discussed in part 2.

Mint details? (Supply, date, price)


How can I be whitelisted?

Details can be found on our discord server under "whitelist-info" channel.

Which wallet should I use?

We recommend using Phantom, SolFlare, and Slope Wallet to mint Solana NFTs.

Where do I buy Solana?

You can buy Solana on exchanges like: Kraken, Binance, Bitfinex, FTX, Gate.io, Huobi, OKEx and etc.